With over 14 years of experience in the ICT industry, Ukuvuma Solutions offers a full range of diverse skillsets and competencies to help your business achieve its goals and to stay ahead of the competition.

Managed support services

Ukuvuma Solutions offers IT Management and Support services at a fixed monthly rate. We believe a complete, proactive and automated managed IT Services systems management strategy can eliminate many of the tedious manual tasks typically associated with IT maintenance. Our support methodology includes skilled consultants supported by the following:
IT Support
Remote automation of IT tasks on user workstations and servers

Block unwanted applications being installed on workstations, preventing malware/spyware by setting up desktop policy management

Full hardware and software audits and inventory checks at the click of a button

Automated antivirus and antimalware – remotely monitored and reported

Cross-platform maintenance and support
Fixed Price model per workstation/server

Remote support with an emphasis on minimal interruption to your employees

Network monitoring, Network bandwidth monitoring, disk, CPU & memory utilisation

Hardware monitoring that notifies us of possible issues before they arise

Software deployment and updates remotely

Full time support

We know that finding skilled IT professionals can be a daunting task not to mention the administration, contractual obligations and training required. Ukuvuma Solutions remove all of those headaches.

We analyse your environment and scope the exact requirements to match your company with one of our many expert technicians, to support your operations and help you grow your enterprise. The service includes:

IT Support
Detailed Handovers and Documentation – Effectively handing over to a new technician under any circumstance without losing any critical knowledge or information
Redundancy – Replacement of resources on an interval basis to ensure distribution of knowledge.

Professional Support Procedures – A comprehensive helpdesk with advanced escalation and notification processes

Planning For Change – IT change management processes and strategies
Infrastructure Guidance – ICT consulting and strategy
Account Management – Continuous account management services
Meaningful Insight – Detailed, yet uncomplicated, monthly reporting
Managed Services

ICT Consulting

We offer full turnkey IT infrastructure solutions, ranging from hardware procurement to setup thereof. Our specialised technicians and consultants provide experienced and considered advice to help you achieve your business goals through ICT optimisation. We offer:

New Hardware Solutions

Complex network and infrastructure layouts

Latest software releases and upgrades

Complex network and infrastructure layouts

Cloud technology strategies and implementation

Virtual infrastructure on multiple software platforms

Ad-hoc Support Services

The combination of world-class support procedures and expert consultants allows us to respond to any ad-hoc calls speedily and effectively. Should you have ICT issues and no access to support services, Ukuvuma Solutions can offer you efficient remote or on-site support.

Depending on the nature of the problem, we can assign the ideal, specialist consultant to address the issue and keep you updated along the way

Advanced infrastructure

Ukuvuma Solutions provides specialised services and support around advanced systems and infrastructure from setup and configuration to support and maintenance on all of the following advanced platforms:

Messaging & Communications

Virtual Infrastructure and Technologies

Data Center Engineering & Architecture

Network Consulting & Architecture

Backup Storage Engineering & Architecture

Cloud Infrastructure Implementation & Administration

Advanced System Management and Engineering

Business Process Management

Business process automation is crucial for any business that wants to achieve maximum productivity. Our expertise and vast experience in this field enables us to audit internal processes, identify points of possible failure or inefficiencies and propose strategies to address these as well as coordinate the implementation of the solution. These strategies provide businesses with:

End to end process automation and workflows

Ease of access to this process by ensuring systems are mobile-friendly

Configurable role assignments based on company structures

Audit trails of all steps in the process providing governance on efficiency and compliance

Rule sets and conditions to ensure continuous and timely flow of processes

Upskilling and training to maintain and facilitate changes in the future