Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centres.

Use your preferred languages, frameworks, and infrastructure—even your own data centre and other clouds.

Azure Compute

Access cloud compute capacity, virtualization, and scale on demand—and only pay for the resources you use. Whether you’re building new applications or deploying existing ones, Azure compute provides the infrastructure you need to run your apps.
Virtual Machines Provision Windows and Linux virtual machines in seconds
App Service Quickly create powerful cloud apps for web and mobile.
Azure Functions Process events with server-less code.

Azure Containers

Save costs by lifting and shifting your existing applications to containers, and build microservices applications to deliver value to your users faster.
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) COMING SOON Simplify the deployment, management, and operations of Kubernetes
Service Fabric Develop microservices and orchestrate containers on Windows or Linux

Azure IoT

Azure IoT is a collection of managed and platform services across edge and cloud that connect, monitor, and control billions of IoT assets. It also includes security and operating systems for devices and equipment, along with data and analytics that help businesses to build, deploy, and manage IoT applications
Azure IoT Hub IN DEVELOPMENT Connect, monitor, and manage billions of IoT assets

Azure Analytics

Explore how to work with a fully managed, integrated data analytics service that blends data warehousing, data integration, and big data processing with accelerated time to insight into a single service.
Azure Event Hubs IN DEVELOPMENT Receive telemetry from millions of devices

Azure Storage Account

An Azure storage account contains all of your Azure Storage data objects: blobs, files, queues, tables, and disks. The storage account provides a unique namespace for your Azure Storage data that is accessible from anywhere in the world over HTTP or HTTPS. Data in your Azure storage account is durable and highly available, secure, and massively scalable.
Blob storage Get REST-based object storage for unstructured data.
Queue Storage Effectively scale apps according to traffic.
Managed Disks Get persistent, secured disk storage for Azure virtual machines.

Azure Data

Fully managed database service, which means that Microsoft operates SQL Server for you and ensures its availability and performance.
SQL Server 2019 IN DEVELOPMENT Innovate security, industry-leading performance, mission-critical availability, and advanced analytics
SQL Resource Provider Offer SQL Database as a platform as a service (PaaS) for your users on Azure Stack.
MySQL Resource Provider Offer MySQL databases as a PaaS for your user’s service on Azure Stack